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Some Clients Should Really See A Therapist

Some Clients Should Really See A Therapist

I am a qualified clinical psychologist and hypnotherapist. I am also a professional sex worker. I have been a successful high class escort for a few years now. The hours are better, the money is a lot better and given that I have an extremely high sex drive and love shagging, it is a lot more fun. So believe me when I say this: Some clients really should see a therapist.

Yes, quite a few of the men that pay to spend time seeing me and my friends for apparently sex-based encounters should actually see a therapist, but their meetings with a sex worker hold them over temporarily. It is a little as though they are using time with Geneva escorts as a kind of psychic sticking platster. The kind of client that I am talking about find themselves dealing with issues such as fears of intimacy, dealing with the ongoing traumas of childhood abuse, or handling emotional traumas from experiences in later life. And rather than acknowledging their issues and visiting a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst, many men will seek comfort in the arms of a warm and supportive escort.

The kind of client I am referring to usually wants to discuss some of the things bothering them- Which is, I guess the sex worker equivalent of the type of talking cure that people might otherwise seek from a conventional psychoanalyst – especially one who favours the Freusian approach. Other clients seem to hope that their problems - or at least some of them - can be resolved via direct female reassurance and physical affection. They are looking for a confidence boost and acceptance, of who they are when they are not putting on a face, a front, or an act.

There are a good number of clients of high class escorts who attempt to work through their issues in the bedroom (or the dungeon in the case of submissives with their chosen Dominatrix, in the dungeon). Such clients often discover that their underlying challenges need more professional attention, no matter how much fun warmth and pleasure they find in the physical closeness and intimacy of their time with a warm and willing sexual partner. Escorts can meet the emotional and psychic requirements of a good number of men just through the means of being a good and committed listener who also gives non judgemental emotional support-