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The Mechanics Of An Escort Business

The Mechanics Of An Escort Business

People often come into the sex or adult industry thinking that it is easy and simple to make money. They fall for the old line “sex sells”, forgetting that it was first said in the context of using sex to sell conventional consumer products; having a beautiful woman blatantly giving oral sex to a Cadburys flake chocolate bar was as close to porn as the average person came in the ninety seventies! Sex sells products for sure, and selling sex is the oldest profession. But everyone knows that, so the market is flooded. Whether you set up a cam girl agency or web site, start shooting and selling porn, start a lap dancing or strip club, or open an escort agency, business is always business. And the basics of business always apply.

So I thought I would give you a couple of things to think about before you launch into the industry. Before you start building a web site or printing business cards and waaaaay before you start recruiting the sexiest looking girls who are happy to escort Malaga clients for you, there is the single biggest business issue to think about. Businesses rarely fail for lack of profitability or lack of ideas. They fail because of poor cash flow.

The biggest reason why so many small businesses have to close their doors is the lack of cash. This isn’t even about profit, it’s about not having cash at hand to successfully push forward. If you don’t have good cash planning, chances are you will fail really early and you won’t even know what hit you. Yes even in our business where cash can be generated more quickly than in others you will fail if you fail to manage the money. Every business has “dry spells” or unforeseen problems that require a quick or costly fix. If you are in it for the long term, then cash management is a key factor. Often in our business it is spend spend spend as there will always be another customer just around the corner, which is true in terms of the product. However, how long will it all last if you have not allowed cash for future marketing, phone bills and tech support?